Commercial Scaffolding: Everything That You Need To Know

If you’re having any work carried out on the exterior of your business premises, having commercial scaffolding professionally installed to assist the construction workers is a must.


However, if this is the first time you’ve had to deal with the organisation of commercial scaffolding, you may have a couple of questions. As scaffolding experts here at 360 Scaffold Services, we’re happy to help.


Business owners, here’s everything that you need to know about commercial scaffolding.


How Much Is Commercial Scaffolding For Business Owners?


The cost of having commercial scaffolding erected for construction work on your business premises will vary depending on a number of factors.


The two main factors that will affect the overall cost of the scaffolding are the size and complexity of the scaffolding structure required, as well as how long the work will take to complete. These will vary from project to project, so the only way to receive an accurate estimate is to seek a quote from your chosen scaffolding company.


Why Do I Need Commercial Scaffolding?


As a business owner, you’ll want to do everything that you can to protect the safety of your staff, your visitors and, of course, the contractors carrying out the construction work for you.


Having scaffolding erected for any construction project is incredibly important when it comes to keeping everybody taking part in or in the presence of the construction work safe. It will also allow the construction workers to work a little more quickly and effectively, too.


How Long Does It Take To Put Up Scaffolding?


Again, the time that it takes to put up scaffolding around your business will vary depending on the size and complexity of the scaffolding structure required.


Generally, scaffolding will take anywhere between 2 and 48 hours to erect depending on these factors, though it may take longer if the construction of the scaffolding needs to be halted or postponed for any reason, such as in the event of harsh weather conditions occuring unexpectedly.


The time that the scaffolding should take to build could likely be estimated by your chosen scaffolding provider upon delivering your initial quote.


Do I Need Insurance To Have Scaffolding?


The responsibility of insurance for scaffolding being installed is generally not on the business owner, but on the scaffolding company.


Here at 360 Scaffold Services, we are fully insured to put up scaffolding around your business safely and professionally, so you needn’t worry. Remember, when commissioning a scaffolding company to build scaffolding around your business, you are well within your right to ask to see proof of the company’s insurance certification.


Do I Need Scaffolding For Any Exterior Construction Or Painting Project For My Business?


It depends on the height of the work taking place.


Generally, any construction or painting project that will require the contractors carrying out the work to work at height will need scaffolding to be put up around the working area.


What counts as ‘working at height’ doesn’t follow any hard and fast rule, though it’s generally considered ‘working at height’ if the contractor needs to use any aid – such as scaffolding, ladders or steps – in order to reach the area that they are carrying out the work on.


Is Scaffolding Safe?


Whilst there are always injuries occurring in workplaces for a variety of different reasons, including in the construction and scaffolding industry, many of these can be prevented if extra precautions are taken to ensure that the scaffolding itself is fully safe to use.


Here at 360 Scaffold Services, we always take the utmost care and attention to ensure that our scaffolding structures are put up safely and professionally, and that there are no immediate risks to contractors caused by the safety and structural integrity of the scaffolding itself.


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If your business is set to take on any form of construction project around the exterior and you’ll need scaffolding installed for the project to take place, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with 360 Scaffold Services today.


Our fully trained and certified team of scaffolding professionals have provided scaffolding to thousands of businesses in and around the Rotherham area and we’re happy to help you too.


If you need any more information or would like a quote for scaffolding services for your commercial construction project, call us now.

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