Need Scaffolding? Here’s Your Guide To Scaffolding Hire In Rotherham

If you’re taking on any kind of extensive work on the exterior of your domestic or commercial property, chances are that you’ll need to have scaffolding erected to support the work taking place and the contractors carrying out the job.


Scaffolding is beneficial for several reasons – it contributes towards keeping contractors safe, gives them a safe and convenient place to work, helps to protect those in the surrounding area of the building where the work is taking place and, in many commercial projects, is legally required for the work to be carried out.


However, if you’ve never ordered the use of a scaffolding structure before, there are likely a few things that you’ll be a little unsure of.


Here are just a few things that you’ll need to know when hiring scaffolding in Rotherham.


Do I Need Scaffolding For My Project?


Whether or not you’ll need scaffolding for your project is dependent on a few different factors. If you’re carrying out a domestic project, the answer is largely dependent on the kind of project being carried out and the scale of the area being worked on.


Domestic projects which, in general, do need scaffolding to be erected for the work to take place include extensive roof repairs and roof replacements, painting across a wide area of the exterior of your home, the repairs or installations of windows above the first floor and during the construction of loft conversions.


Repairs of windows which are not classed as being ‘at height’ (generally above 6ft from the ground), less extensive painting work or low-risk roof repairs may not require scaffolding to be erected in order for the work to take place safely, though this may be at the discretion of the contractors carrying out the job.


As for commercial projects, it’s generally legally required that scaffolding is erected for any large scale commercial exterior work, as the work area is generally larger, the work itself is often more complex and demanding and the area around the building tends to see more footfall from pedestrians, meaning a higher number of people would be at risk in the event of an accident at height.


How Much Does Scaffolding Cost?


The cost of scaffolding varies depending on a number of factors, including the scale of the work, length of time that the scaffolding will be required, complexity of the scaffolding structure required and whether or not the project is domestic or commercial.


It will also vary depending on the company that provides you with the scaffolding. Here at 360 Scaffold Services, we work to provide top-quality scaffolding to a wide range of clients at affordable prices.


Is Scaffolding Safe?


Any scaffolding erected without proper care and attention paid to structural integrity comes with its risks, especially when used by contractors to work at particularly tall heights.


However, there are legal requirements in place to ensure that clients receive strong, sturdy scaffolding structures, including checks which must be carried out – in many cases, before work begins on the structure each day – and insurance which scaffolding companies must hold.


At 360 Scaffold Services, we put the safety of clients and contractors at the centre of everything that we do, carrying the right insurance and ensuring thorough structural checks are carried out regularly.


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Here at 360 Scaffold Services, we understand how important it is that safety rules and regulations are followed to the letter, that clients are well-informed and well catered for on the scaffolding needs of their work and that we strive to work professionally, efficiently and safely with every job we do.


We have over 20 years experience working with scaffolding and work hard to ensure that every client receives the highest quality of service possible.


If you are looking to have scaffolding erected for an upcoming project in South Yorkshire or would just like more information on our services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today and see what we can do to help you.

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