Do I Need Scaffolding For My Upcoming Project?

When you’re taking on any sort of project involving the exterior of your home, your main priority is probably ensuring that the final product is as exactly as you wanted, but there are plenty of other things to take into consideration, too. For example, you’ll want to keep down the costs wherever possible, as well as making sure that the work is conducted safely and efficiently.


Whether you’ve considered having scaffolding erected for the duration of the work or not, it’s worth keeping in mind that high-quality scaffolding can help to achieve all of these goals.


However, you may be wondering whether or not scaffolding is truly necessary for the specific project that you are taking on. In order to help you decide, here are our recommendations.


Do I Need Scaffolding For Roof Repairs?


It’s fairly cut and dried that, yes, you should have scaffolding erected if you are hiring any contractors to carry out roof repairs.


Given that the work is being carried out on the highest point of your property, having scaffolding erected will allow the contractors to remain as safe as possible whilst the work is being completed.


However, there are also benefits to you in the sense that roof repairs come with the heightened risk of damaged tiles falling from your roof – and it goes without saying that this could be very dangerous. Scaffolding may be able to prevent these tiles from making it far enough to injure anyone on the way down.


In many cases, your selected roof repairs company may even require the organisation of scaffolding in order to take on the work. However, we’d recommend it whether the company requires this or not.


Do I Need Scaffolding For Exterior Painting?


If you are painting the exterior of your property, whether you’re having a professional take on the work for you or doing it for yourself, we would certainly recommend the use of scaffolding.


Again, it’s important to keep yourself as safe as possible when working from a height in any capacity. Given the amount of movement involved in painting, working from a ladder is not advised when keeping health and safety in mind.


However, scaffolding will also make your painting work far more efficient, quick and may even yield better results. Scaffolding provides those doing the painting with a more solid base to work from, with no need for stretching and leaning over in order to reach the whole surface – this means the work can be taken on a little more quickly and reduces the chances of missing any part of the building. If you’re paying a contractor to paint for you, this may also reduce the cost of the work overall.


Do I Need Scaffolding For Window Repairs/Installations?


This one is fairly simple. If you are having windows on the ground floor repaired or replaced, you more than likely do not need scaffolding.


However, if you are having windows at height replaced, scaffolding is generally required in order for the work to be carried out safely.


The size and complexity of the scaffolding set-up required will depend on how high up the window is and how many windows you are having replaced – in many cases, you won’t need a full scaffolding set-up. However, it’s always important to check first with the contractor carrying out the work for you.


Do I Need Scaffolding For A Loft Conversion?


Yes, scaffolding is generally required for a loft conversion.


Whilst the majority of work carried out during a loft conversion is interior renovation, the contractors carrying out the work will generally need to access the roof of the property from outside, usually to put in windows or to ensure that the roof is strong and safe enough for the loft to be used as a bedroom or living space.


It may feel like an inconvenience now, but it’s just one aspect of the disruption caused by loft conversion projects that will feel worth it once your conversion is completed!


When Do I Not Need Scaffolding?


As you’ve probably gathered, scaffolding is generally required for the majority of exterior projects that involve working at height.


If your project is likely to take just a few hours and does not require roof access, you may – in theory – be able to complete the project without scaffolding. However, it’s always worth putting thought into whether or not scaffolding could still be incredibly beneficial.


For example, are you or your contractors likely to need to travel up and down a ladder several times in order to complete the work? Will the ladder need to be moved several times? Is there any risk of falling objects of any size? Would the person completing the work find themselves leaning or stretching whilst up the ladder in order to carry out their tasks?


If the answer to any of these questions is ‘Yes’, you should still consider having scaffolding erected to some extent.


Here at 360 Scaffold Services, we offer a wide variety of scaffolding set-ups at an incredibly competitive price across Rotherham and the surrounding areas. We understand that the core purposes of scaffolding are maintaining safety and making for easier work, so we keep these goals at the core of every scaffolding set-up that we build.


Whether you are taking on a domestic or commercial project and whether your project is big or small, get in touch today and see how our reasonably priced scaffolding set-ups could make your project easier, safer and more efficient.


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