How Much Do You Know About Domestic Scaffolding?

If you’re considering having any extensive construction or building services carried out on your home, you’ll more than likely have to call on the services of a scaffolding company – but what is domestic scaffolding, what is it for and why is it so important?


If you are yet to find out a great deal about domestic scaffolding or need to know where to start in hiring a domestic scaffolding company, here is everything that you’ll need to know!


What Is Domestic Scaffolding – And What Is It For?


You are probably used to seeing scaffolding surrounding some commercial buildings for months at a time whilst work is carried out on the exterior of the building – and for good reason.


Scaffolding is there to ensure the safeguarding of those working on the building, those inside the building and those in the immediate vicinity. It isn’t just used in construction – scaffolding is commonplace around commercial buildings which are being painted or have extensive cleaning work being carried out.


So, that’s commercial scaffolding, but what about domestic? Well, it’s the same thing, but for a private home.


Domestic scaffolding may look a little different and is often less extensive than commercial scaffolding, but it’s there for the same reason – to protect those working on the exterior of a building, those around the building and those in the vicinity for the duration of the time that work is being carried out.


How Does Domestic Scaffolding Keep People Safe?


Domestic scaffolding is an effective system for keeping people safe in many different ways.


Firstly, a huge 49% of all work-related fatalities in the UK construction industry are directly caused by a fall from height. If construction workers are forced to simply rely on a ladder – or even worse, simply attempting to keep their balance on the roof – whilst working at a height, they are a much higher risk of serious injury or fatality.


The erection of domestic scaffolding gives the contractors working on the exterior of the building a much safer and more stable place to work than a ladder or roof, allowing them to work with a much lower risk of a fall from height.


So, what about those in the building and in the immediate vicinity?


Scaffolding gives construction workers a place to rest any tools they may be using that could otherwise fall onto the ground – or pedestrians – below, meaning that those in the vicinity are much less at risk of being hit by anything this way. It’s also a much clearer sign to those passing the building that there are construction workers ahead, which may otherwise have gone unnoticed.


Do I Need Domestic Scaffolding For My Project?


Commercial scaffolding is a much more common sight than domestic scaffolding as it is often a legal requirement fulfilled between business owners and contractors for reasons of health and safety. While domestic work to home exteriors isn’t subject to quite the same rules, the popularity of domestic scaffolding remains high – but why?


Whatever work you are having carried out on the exterior of your domestic building, domestic scaffolding is always a worthy investment.


Whether it’s construction, restorative work, exterior repairs, painting, roofing or extensive cleaning, having strong domestic scaffolding set up will allow contractors a safe and stable place to work.


Not only will this prevent injury to those working on or passing the building, but the added stability will allow contractors to work faster and more efficiently, so that any work you are having done to the exterior of your home can be completed a little more quickly.


So, for added safety and simplicity when it comes to your next construction project, you should certainly consider hiring domestic scaffolding.


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